About Us

At Caffè Dolce, we’re more than just coffee, we’re an experience. Nestled in the heart of Lord St. Southport come and savour the aroma of freshly roasted beans as you step inside, greeted by warm smiles and a friendly chat.

Indulge in coffee perfection. Our baristas are awesome, meticulously brewing each cup to your liking, whether it’s a velvety latte, a robust espresso, or good old fashioned cup of tea.

But coffee and tea is just the beginning. Bite into fresh T-cakes that melt in your mouth, savor panini bursting with fresh ingredients, or treat yourself to a decadent cake.

But Caffe Dolce is more than just a weekday haven. Come Sunday, we transform into a haven of hearty roasts, cooked to perfection with the freshest ingredients. Imagine melt-in-your-mouth roast beef with Yorkshire pudding fluffier than a summer cloud, crispy roast potatoes, seasonal veg bursting with flavor, and gravy that’s pure comfort in a jug.

Caffè Dolce is your sanctuary, your escape from the everyday. Unwind in our cosy haven, soak up the friendly atmosphere, and let the gentle hum of conversation wash over you. We’re a place to connect, to linger, to savour every moment.

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